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Posts from the ‘Outdoors’ Category

Winter Plants

Plants at an old industrial site;  witchgrass glowing in the winter sun and winterberry putting on a show.

22 Dec 2011

Fall Ferns

12 Oct 2011

Goin’ Buggy

The sedum is buzzing:  bees and grashoppers galore, enjoying the all-you-can-eat pollen buffet.

12 Sep 2011

Fall Run Ripples

12 Jun 2011

Frankfort Mineral Springs

What a great weekend to be outside.  My vitamin D levels just might actually be approaching normal again.  The call of the wild drew us to Frankfort Mineral Springs in Raccoon Creek SP on Saturday afternoon.  We missed the trillium display of early May, but there was still plenty to see on the trail.

22 May 2011


16 Apr 2011