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Moss Capsules

Spring has sprung in even the smallest of places:  a patch of moss on a fallen tree.

14 Apr 2011

Goodbye Winter


I have to say I really enjoyed all the snow this winter… from the living room window as I watched my husband shovel the walk and clean off my car every morning (Reason #422 that I worship the ground he walks on).   But hopefully it will be over soon.  Can’t wait for the buds to sprout!




9 Mar 2011


Water ripples in a stream.

28 Feb 2011


It’s amazing how the slim, dead stalks battle wind, rain, multiple pummelings of snow to stay standing all winter long.

22 Feb 2011

Pittsburgh Sunset

I decided a while back to carry a cheap camera with me at all times, just in case I see something amazing.  The sunset was beautiful last night.

20 Feb 2011

Winter Grass

29 Jan 2011