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Posts from the ‘Outdoors’ Category

Winter Landscapes II

Not much but white stuff outside, but there’s still a surprising amount of color when you look for it.  (Helps if the sun shines, of course.)

27 Jan 2011

Faces of Nature II

Call me crazy, but I think I’m seeing faces again.  This time in snow.  What do you see?  (Hell, maybe you just see snow.)

Faces of Nature

25 Jan 2011

Winter Landscapes I

Snow drifts form amazing landscapes.

24 Jan 2011

Crow Roost

It’s beautiful to watch and listen to the crows roost at night.  They don’t much like having their picture taken, though.

22 Jan 2011

Water Critter

water critter

Water rippling over rocks in a stream produced this little critter for a moment in time.

8 Nov 2010

Autumn in Fall Run Park

Fall Run: gotta love this little gem of a park.  I might have to go back to get more shots!

31 Oct 2010