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Posts from the ‘TTV Tuesday’ Category

Swamp Thing

15 Feb 2011


Winter gnaws until just the bones are left.

18 Jan 2011


The distelfink hex sign over the barn door at WinterSpring farm, home of American Native Nursery.

14 Dec 2010

The Creeps

A dark and dingy alley under a bridge.  Reminded me of a classic English murder tale.

23 Nov 2010

TTV Tuesday

I love beauty in utility.  It was someone’s job to fashion doors for a family mausoleum.  The doors featured stately borders, detailed scrollwork, impressive hardware.  Nice, yes.  Appropriate.  But in the center there were these haunting, proud lions looking at you so directly, so intently.  Keeping guard.  The artisan made something truly beautiful here.

This is one of my favorite TTV shots – a good one to kick off TTV Tuesdays.

16 Nov 2010